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Kimjang Festival 2023: Kimchi Making/Tasting Classes

Welcome to celebrate the Kimjang Festival 2023!

This year, the festival gains even more profound meaning as we celebrate the momentous 10th anniversary of UNESCO's recognition of Kimjang. We are thrilled to welcome internationally-claimed Kimchi Master Lee Ha Yeon, to showcase her profound knowledge of Koreas most loved food. She has featured on the Netflix series "Kfoodshow: a Nation of Kimchi." Lee, Ha Yeon, honored with 'Korean Traditional Food Master No. 58 in Kimchi'.

Not only did Kimchi Master Lee Ha Yeon serve as the President of the Korean Kimchi Association, but she was also dedicated to promoting the kimchi culture globally by participating in many events, including official programs celebrating the 60th diplomatic relationship between Korea and the EU Belgium, Milano Expo in Italy and culture exchange programs in Honduras, Japan, Thailand, the USA, and the UK. With her initiative, she has successfully introduced the rich flavor of Kimchi to diverse cultures and palates, contributing to the global recognition and appreciation of this iconic Korean dish.

We will be hosting two classes, Kimchi Making and Kimchi Tasting.

You will learn how to make kimchi step by step with Master and enjoy the process of making Korean traditional cuisine . With a limited number of participants only, why not share the joy with us in this meaningful, playful, and tasteful cultural events?

Click these links to get your tickets:

Event Information

- Attendees must be 18+

- Please make any dietery requirements or restrictions known when purchasing your ticket and make yourself known on the day

- Attendees must arrive at least 15 mins prior to the event start - There will be other festival activities to enjoy!


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