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BBC Sports Visit New Malden

During the Kingston Korea Festival, we were visited by BBC Sport as Korea is very much in the spotlight during the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In particular, a player who is a hot topic right now and regarded as a 'Superhero' of the team Son Heung-min!

England, in particular, has a long history surrounding football with very passionate supporters across the country, this has led to more interest in Korea due to their recent success on the international stage of the world cup! The worldwide Hallyu wave that has spread across the UK has widely been associated with entertainment, food, and music making New Malden the perfect place to experience Korean culture without leaving the county.

Featured in this video are clips from The Kimjang Festival 2022. We had an extremely successful day of Kimchi making and tasting in the center of New Malden with visitors coming from across the UK to get involved!


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