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The highlight of this year’s Harvest Fest, a part of Totally Thames,

is a community dance project the Red Umbrella led by The Move, a professional dance company from South Korea. Choreographer S Yoon will create a dance programme in collaboration with local dancers, volunteers and audience to perform together on the day.


In addition, following the success of last year, the WIKIM (World Institute of Kimchi) are

coming back to demonstrate how to make Vegan Kimchi. This year, Dae An, a Buddhist

Chef will demonstrate how to make Vegan Kimchi.

Residents and visitors will be invited to participate in a free Kimchi making workshop, as well as get an opportunity to take part in craft sessions (Lotus lantern making, mural, spin painting and mask making) and trying on traditional Korean costumes as part of the event.


There are various food stalls to sell mouth watering Korean foods and Taekwondo

Demonstrations and KPOP Live performances. Furthermore, there are fundraising activities and events to support local causes. Kingston Korea Festival will be a unique and exciting community event and KBCE would like to welcome everyone to take part and experience Korean culture. It is fun, family friendly and free for everyone! It is truly a family oriented community festival for everyone to enjoy.


Programme can be changed without prior notice

  • 11:55     VIP Arrive with Parade

  • 12:00    Opening Ceremony

  • 12:15     Taekwondo Demonstration / Livingwell Taekwondo Club

  • 12:45    Vegan Kimchi Demonstration / Buddhist Chef Dae An

  • 13:05     K-Pop Performance / Santo, Team Loko, Michelle Paris, Krush Ldn, PianWooo

  • 13:40    Cooking Demonstration / Chef HS Yim 

  • 14:00    The Red Umbrella, community dance project / THE Move

  • 14:30   Vegan Kimchi Demonstration / Buddhist Chef DAE AN

  • 14:50   K-Pop Performance / HAR1X, Krush Ldn, Naja, Sofiya Crossley, NaonAxHarry, Kingdom of Hearts, UJJN

  • 15:20    Cooking Demonstration / Chef HS Yim

  • 15:40   K-Pop Performance / Team Loko, Nush, Sofiya Crossley, Sunghwan Choi, Aziza Crew

  • 16:00   Gang-gang-sul-rae



Kingston Ancient Market place



All programmes are free and no booking is required.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Korean traditional costume trial

    • ​Suitable for ages five and above

    • Did you ever fancy time-travelling back to the ancient Korean society? This is a great opportunity for you to try the Korean traditional dress, Hanbok. Share your picture on Instagram with friends. If your photo is one of the most liked photos during the festival time, you’ll get a prize!

  • Kimchi making (With KORSA)

    • Suitable for ages eight and above 
    • Learn how to make kimchi here for free! Professional chefs have prepared all the ingredients for you to make authentic kimchi. Please bring a tub to take Kimchi back home to share with your beloved family and friends!

  • Craft session

    • ​Suitable for ages five and above

    • Let your creativity go wild with the following art and crafts you can do at this booth: draw  a painting or leave messages on a big mural; enjoy spin painting and take your masterpiece back home; and create your DIY animal masks or Korean traditional masks!
  • Lotus lantern making

    • Suitable for ages five and above
    • The most popular and representative craft programme of KKF is back! Make a beautiful lantern with Korean patterns here. It is more special because you made it yourself! If you have that lantern by your bed every night, you will feel like you’re in Korea.

  • Kimchi Exhibition (With WIKIM)

    • Think you know your kimchi? Not so fast! Experience various types of Kimchi you have never seen before. Free booklets about kimchi are provided at the booth.
  • Photograph Exhibition

    The Malden Camera club has been running a series of workshops on ‘Smartphone Photography’ in the last few months, focusing on composition and editing skills. The participants have shown amazing levels of skills and creativity. The exhibition will display the best pictures entered by workshop participants, with awards to be given out to the best photographs.

    This is a part of Kimjang Project which is supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund



  • Red Umbrella1.jpg

    The Move

    Korean Dance Group

    The Move is a Korean dance group that performs community dance projects and runs workshops for people who are interested in choreography. Founded in 2013, the group aims to make performances that anyone can participate and dance together with the professional dancers. The group became well known through the Red Umbrella Project and was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of Hangang Summer Festival in 2017.

    Artistic Director: Yoon Seong-eun

    Yoon the president of the group and works as a lecturer at Yejong Entertainment. 



    Yun Bora, Kim Dan-hae, Park Su-young, Kim Hong-in, Kim Do-hyung

    Musicians: Kim  Tae-joon, Choi Bung-ho 

    Local Dancers: Kaya Albert, Miguel Falcon

    Voluntary Dancers: Aisha Kareem, Beenu, Bryony Evans, Catalina-Roxana Laptes, Czarinah Mariz Ganigan, Lisa, Darisa Neto, Fetije Ahmetaj, Hafsah, Hannah Pritchard, Insia, Mack McCarroll, Mansi, Paola, Ruchika Ganesh, Samira Barkhadle, Sun.REI, Tolu Ayodele, Vin Binh Chau.

  • LRG_DSC02918.jpg

    K-Pop Live

    K-Pop Performance

    Aziza Crew, Sunghwan Choi, Sofiya Crossley, HAR1X, Kingdom of Hearts, Krush Ldn, Naja, NaonA x Harry, Nush, Michelle Paris, PianWooo, Santo, Team Loko, UJJN


  • Buddhist Chef Dae An


    Dae An is a chef who specialises in Korean temple food. She was born in Jeonju in 1960 and started her Buddhist training at Haeinsa Temple in 1986. After graduating from the Bongnyeongsa Monk College, she officially became a Buddhist nun. Dae An runs the Cultural Centre of Geumdang Temple Food and does lectures on how the habit of eating wild plants and temple foods keeps one's body and mind healthy. Her work has been introduced in many famous television shows, such as ‘Screening Humanity (인간극장)’ and ‘The Best Cooking Secrets (최고의 요리 비결)’.

  • Chef HS Yim


    Chef. Hyungsoo Yim is passionate about the preservation of traditional Korean heritage, and wants to help it thrive through his culinary artistry. He is a chef with over 30 years of experience, helping to promote traditional Korean cuisine to a broader international audience and to the next generation. He has taken the role of CEO for a catering and event management business, Dooboo Yiyagi.

  • Livingwell Taekwondo


    The Academy was founded in September 1999 by Master Derek Sumner. Since then Livingwell has grown into a nationally and internationally recognised club, renowned for its' performance on both a regional and national level. Now boasting over 300 members at some of the most desirable locations in the south-east, Livingwell is continuing to grow at an astonishing rate. 

    Master Derek Sumner has over 25 years experience in martial arts and fitness training and is now a full time instructor.

  • Han River Festival


    The Hangang Summer Festival, which started in 2013, is the biggest and the most representative event of Seoul. It is held for a month and includes 80 programmes such as water sports, drama plays, movies, circus, food festival, eco-friendly events and exhibitions at 11 parks in Hangang for more than 10 million citizens. In 2019, the festival introduced many picnic-like programmes under the theme of ‘Hangang picnic, full of culture’ to the visitors.

  • Plough Publishing House


    Plough Publishing House is a company that publishes books and magazines on brotherhood, peace, family and elderly. Since its foundation by Bruderhof Communities in Germany in 1920, its published works have been translated and republished in many languages, including English, German, Korean and French. It also provides books to Korean expats living in the U.K. or the U.S.

  • Buddhist Artist Beob Jeon


    Since 2010, Beob Joen, a Buddhist artist, has been a very active member of Korean Artist Association in the UK and participated in various exhibitions in Korea and in the UK. She won prize from Grand Art Exhibition of Korean Buddhism and is a license holder of painting of Cultural Assets Technician.



    The World Institute of Kimchi is government-funded research institute that does research and development related to kimchi, to lead national technological innovation and develop the kimchi industry. 



    The Korean Restaurants and supermarkets Association represents Korean business people who work in the food industry for over 30 Years. The member shops and restaurants work as Korean food ambassadors in the U.K. Their goal is to contribute to UK society through a diverse selection of Korean foods.

  • Malden Camera Club (Chair - Hugh Griffiths LRPS)


    The Malden Camera Club is a great place to meet keen photographers, to learn about and to enjoy photography. The members meet on every Thursday evenings at the New Malden Library for talks, workshops or competitions.



  • Festival director: Justina Jang

  • Festival Management: Jiho Ham, Elly Nam

  • Festival Coordinator: Mellica Alexander, Trudi Hilton

  • Event Manager: Daniel Naddafy

  • Administrator: Siobhan Kim

  • Assistant Administrator: Soyeon Oh

  • PR: Larissa Schneider-Kim

  • Visual and Website Designer: Jun Kwon

  • Artists Coordinator: Sunny Um

  • Assistant Artists Coordinator: Drew Barrett

  • Assistant Chef: Jun Yim


Special Thanks to all Volunteers

Bola Akeju, Hasan Aydin, Tia Benjamin, Danny Benson, Amal Bounif, Ella, Estrella, Felix, Ninita Gata, Maidah Haidri, SM Han, Denise Hermano, Hinda, Seji Hong, Mi Eun Kim, WS Lim, Nimet Maherali, Ferial McFarlane, John McFarlane, Chido Muchaneta, David Saunders, David Seo, Helen Sou, Emily Stokes, Patricia Ivy Quiachon, Jessica Tansley, Irina Voloshina, Eunice Yu, Zara and Rotary Club members


Press enquiries: kkf.press@gmail.com

All other enquiries: kbce@kbce.org.uk

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