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Lotusmind Temple is a Korean Buddhist Temple located in Kingston.
One aim of the Lotusmind is to promote people achieve their highest potential
by introducing the inherent value of Buddhism.
Our charity has encouraged people to get involved with various programs for the practice of the Buddhist spirits
by means of Korean Traditional Buddhist Cultures. It has progressed profound spiritual journey through precious activities such as Meditation, Buddhist art, Seon yoga, Tea ceremony, Prostrations, Vegetarian monastic cooking... Buddhist practice is not merely a technique to control desires and relieve stress for happiness.
It is a developing awareness and also sharing compassion and loving-kindness with explore meditation
and practice mindfulness in order to help the world become a better place with the peace of Lotusmind.

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About Buddhist artists, Beob Jeon



Since 2010, a Buddhist artist, has been participated in various exhibition in South Korea and UK. Sunim is a Koean buddhist nun from 2002 and used to create traditional buddhist paintings with holding BA and MA in Buddhist Art from Dongguk University in Seoul and a license of Painting of Cultural Assets Technician from Korean Cultural Heritage Administration. However, she decided to challenge expressing the Buddha’s Mind in Contemporary Art then, graduated MFA from Kingston University in 2017. Now she has managed to the Lotusmind Temple supported by Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

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