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About Performers


We are a four member dance cover group consisting of Dani, KG, Nicole and Chunseo.
We love performing and showing to an audience the result of our hard work.


First and foremost we are MSK. We're formed on a whim a month ago consisting of Mark and Francis. Our interest peaked upon hearing about the National Kpop Competition but knowing there was another opportunity to show our performance in the Kingston Korean festival, we were hyped to take part.


AZIZA Dance Crew is a dance cover group based in Southeast London. Set up in 2017, it is a group formed of friends who have met each other through numerous K-pop events. They aspire to create a dance environment where those passionate can share their talents.


Hailing from South East London; rapper, songwriter and singer Jules depicts her stories through lyrical rhymes and experimental melodies. Proud of her Chinese ethnicity, Jules is ready to shake hip hop with her unique tone and style.


Hello, I'm Jana and 22 years old. I met Korean students that taught me a lot about their culture. After that, I've been passionate about it. I want to perform because I always loved singing and performed sometimes when I was in school. Given the opportunity, I would love to perform again!


Jojo and Xina are London based Kpop dance coverists on YouTube and hosts of regular Kpop Random Play events across London. Today they come together to bring some of their favourite dances of 2018 to Kingston Korean Festival!


PianWooo is a london based Korean Grime/Hiphop artist. He is currently studying piano in Guildhall School of music and Drama.


My name is Minsoo Kim but the stage name I perform with is Santo. I was born in Busan in South Korea but now I am a Southwest London based rapper. My genre for music is very diverse and I spit both Korean and English.

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My stage name is Nush, I’m 22 and somehow balance music and university!

I love to dance, rap, sing and write music. Korean music heavily influences me and my first album.

I write about real-life issues but sometimes I like to cover music that inspires me!

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BiVocal Buskers is a collection of people interested in performing on the streets of London. We have performed many songs ranging from “Someone Like You” by Adele, to “Half Moon” by DEAN, venturing all the way into old school hip-hop like “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. The name “BiVocal” is a shortening for “Bilingual Vocalists”, as we sing in both English and Korean.

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The WE.K.END Company is a Korean hip hop crew founded in 2017, at University College London.

We produce and record our own tracks, meeting often to write lyrics and organise performances

at open mics at pubs or on campus. WE.K.END stands for 'WE Koreans ENDite'.



B.flow plays ‘Feel good’ music, main genres as Hiphop and RnB.
His musical inspiration has come from DJ Enduke, who performs in Korean DJ scene.
Instagram/facebook @djaybflow

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