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Barugongyang is the traditional monastic meal ceremony in Korean buddhist temple for monks and nuns.
It is completely vegan cuisine and the most environment friendly way of eating because it does not produce
any left-over. The act of eating food is transformed into a spiritual ritual for the path to healthy living
and attain the ultimate wisdom. It trains human beings on how to live harmoniously with nature
and control our desire to compassion and peace. What to eat and how to eat will determine the life style
and attitude of a person and reveal the truth about our very existence.
Now the monastic meal ceremony opens to everyone who wants to have a extraordinarily experience in London.


About Buddhist Temple

Lotus mind temple

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Lotusmind Temple is a Korean Buddhist Temple located in Kingston.
One aim of the Lotusmind is to promote people achieve their highest potential by introducing the inherent value of Buddhism.Our charity has encouraged people to get involved with various programs for the practice of the Buddhist spirits by means of Korean Traditional Buddhist Cultures. It has progressed profound spiritual journey through precious activities such as Meditation, Buddhist art, Seon yoga, Tea ceremony, Prostrations, Vegetarian monastic cooking... Buddhist practice is not merely a technique to control desires and relieve stress for happiness. It is a developing awareness and also sharing compassion and loving-kindness with explore meditation and practice mindfulness in order to help the world become a better place with the peace of Lotusmind.

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