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VOLUNTEER with KBCE at Kingston Korea Festival: Harvest Fest

KBCE Are looking for volunteers to help us at the upcoming annual Harvest fest. We are looking for volunteers to help with the production of the festival throughout the day on Saturday the 10th of September in New Malden, Jubilee square. As our first event in September is the Harvest Fest celebrating Chuseok and other East Asian harvest celebrations we are looking for volunteers to help with the production of the event. This includes a variety of roles for example setting up on the day, running stalls, and interacting with the general public. All applicants are welcome and encouraged, we'd love to hear from previous volunteers and new ones alike.

By being a volunteer with us allows you to share the joy of Korea with others while getting to experience it yourself.

For further enquiries and to sign up please contact

The aim of the Harvest Fest 2022 is to celebrate the Harvest Fest, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or Full Moon Festival in Asia. It is also to celebrate the bringing together of ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) cultures and educate people about authentic experiences or traditions they may never know about; this is reflected in our diverse programme, including:

Cuisine, traditional dance, storytelling, and music, Kpop competition, traditional clothing fashion show, martial arts demonstrations and culture and language. There will be various souvenir stalls for handmade products and crafts from Hong Kong in addition to Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean street food.


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